Birankai Poland is an open organization, associating people joining the association as its members on a voluntary basis.

The Birankai Poland Association proposes to:

  • promote the martial art of Aikido, created by Morihei Ueshiba, as taught by Kazuo Chiba sensei,
  • promote, propagate and encourage the physical recreation, sports and other forms of active recreation leading to the maintenance and improving the physical fitness of the adults, teenagers and children,
  • disseminate the Japanese martial arts and culture,
  • strengthen passion for systematic practice of physical recreation and sports activities and organise various forms of active recreation,
  • advocate preventive health care through the sports and physical recreation.

Aikido trainings are held and conducted by individual dojos (see tab "dojos").

From 01.03.2010 Birankai Poland has the Hombu (Aikido World Headquarters) Recognition.

Certificate of Hombu Recognition can be viewed here.
Authorities of Birankai Poland - download .pdf file here.
Charter of Birankai Poland - download .pdf file here

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